Print & Web Communications for Business

Ad agency creative without the ad agency prices.

Marketing Fundamentals...

• Search Engine Optimisation
• Email Marketing
• Press Release Distribution
• Web Development & Design
• Print Advertising
• Video Recording
• Audio Recording

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Seach Engine Optimization

The sites we develop offer SEO to get you found in searches. We also SEO sites we don't build to get them more visability. Having the right content and keywords is imperative if you want traffic. It's not about being on the first page. It's about getting found even if your site ranks lower.
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YouTube for Business...

We've produced over 400+ video presentations for corporations, individuals and professionals in most every industry. With over 20,000 visits a month, our customers get the traffic they need. Check us out.

Web Development
& Print Design in Toronto...

We've designed and delivered thousands of projects for marketing, ad agencies and clients direct since 1986. What can we do for your business?

- Portfolio Samples and CV
- Business References
- On-Line Marketing for Business
- BKS - Video Series by Jay Hunt


Star Electronics - Direct - (Web Sites, Email Marketing)
Commdoor Aluminum - Direct - (Web Site, Advertising, Email Marketing, Video)
Yormak & Associates - Direct - (Legal Web Site, WSIB Legal Videos)
Executive Employment Law Firm (EEL) - Direct - (Legal Web Siite, S/M, SEO)
ECOComfort Collection - Direct - (Packaging)
Abell Pest Control - (Direct Response) via Dare Marketing
Altronics - Direct _ (40 YouTube Product Videos)
CDPOnline - Direct - (Court Room Hearing Videos)
Spectrum Glazing - Direct - (Web Site & Corporate Identity)
Exodus Travels - Direct - (HTML Landing Page)
xloelectric - Direct- (Branding & Print Advertising)
ProTemp Glass - (Branding, Print Advertising, Web Site, Email Marketing, Video)
LCM Marketing - Direct (BKS Video Series)
OSBA - Direct (Student Evacuation School Bus Video)

Creative & Promotion:

Print, Web & Production

Design, Development, SEO & YouTube

1K, 2K & 4K Video and Video/Post

Recording your event can generate revenue for your business. Find out how we help you do just that!